Branding and design

Align your business goals with your brand identity for a consistent, clear strategy to drive your firm forward.

Importance of branding and design for law firms

Whether a potential client has read an article on the company LinkedIn page, found your website through the search engines, or had a meeting at your office, your brand will always form a lasting impression.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, especially in the online space, your firm needs to cut through the noise. Having a great brand identity is an integral part of standing out.

Our specialisms

Brand strategy

We work with you to set the direction of your brand and solidify the strategy so that everybody within the firm is aligned to it.

Digital product design

With all of our attention wrapped up in the digital world we work with law firms to design and deliver outstanding digital products to help them stand out.

Graphic design

Our graphic design services support your every need from social media graphics to your upcoming full-page ad in the Financial Times!

Marketing collateral

With our experience, we work as an extension of your firm. From designing physical brochures (remember those?!) to online guides and more.

Pitch design

Pitch request comes in at 6pm – we know the drill. Our pitch support services ensure you get your pitch out the door on time. We also design pitch template documents to ensure a speedy process.

Tone of voice

We will put money on the fact that you are ‘client-focused’ and are ‘trusted advisors’. Together, we will push that further and establish a unique voice for your firm.

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