Website and app development

Our services in website and app development for law firms bring together expertise and experience to deliver a complete digital experience, driving the visitor to take action.

Importance of websites and apps for law firms

Websites for law firms need to work harder than ever.

With evolving technology, changing requirements for SEO and increased demands to improve user experience, it has never been more important to future-proof your firm’s website.

Your website has the potential to be your greatest new business developer, your top salesperson and your company’s biggest advocate.

Our specialisms

App development

We partner with law firms to produce engaging web and mobile apps. Our experience working with marketing teams and alongside Partners allows us to take your idea right through to launch and beyond.

Landing pages

Looking to promote a new or existing service, or establish your firm as a thought leader? Landing pages are a key tool, as part of a wider marketing strategy. We can help.


We believe, when the machines rise up, we will be punished for how hard we like to work law firm websites. Until then though, we will look to squeeze every bit of value out of your website as we can. Reporting guides us.

Website development

Shop window? Nope. Glorified address book? Nope. Stunning user experience that builds brand awareness and drives users to take action? Bingo! We deliver remarkable websites for law firms that look amazing and are simple to maintain.

Website SEO

Our SEO services looks under the hood of your website, ensuring everything is performing as it should be. We help law firms carry out website audits and put in place regular maintenance to keep on top of it.

UI/UX design

Design with the user in mind. We take your idea, ensuring nothing is lost, and work towards the best possible experience for your users, across all platforms. We have experience designing user flows on web and mobile.

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