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The challenge

Carlsons Solicitors is a well-established full-service law firm, based in London. In order to expand their growing client base, Carlsons identified a need to grow their digital presence further.

They had already identified a need to grow multiple channels together (e.g. content production, social media, email etc.) but needed to do so using as little (valuable) fee-earning time as possible while remaining effective.

"The team quickly highlighted some quick wins to be had and laid out a more long-term digital marketing strategy for us. It has been exciting seeing our practice produce informative and engaging content that performs well on the website and social media and has even seen us climb to the top spot on Google, beating out competitors."
Daniel Russell - Carlsons Solicitors
Daniel Russell
Director, Carlsons Solicitors

Our approach

We began by conducting an audit of Carlsons’ existing digital channels. This included a complete website audit consisting of technical elements such as speed and website errors as well as their existing content to highlight any SEO issues. We also reviewed their social channels and benchmarked all of this data against their key competitors.

After presenting our findings back to the practice, we put in place a digital marketing strategy, which focused heavily on content creation (predominantly legal articles) to generate long-term brand awareness and SEO benefits. Through relevant keyword analysis and our thorough understanding of the firm and the type of work they did and aspired to attract, we put together a content calendar.

Our focus was on using as little fee-earning time as possible to produce consistent and highly-polished content for all of Carlsons’ digital channels.

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The results

Within six months of partnering with Carlsons Solicitors on their digital marketing efforts, we increased their content production massively. This enabled the firm to position themselves as subject matter experts around its key focus areas.

Highlights include:

  • 50% increase in ranked organic keywords
  • 416% increase in LinkedIn followers
  • 100+ pieces of content produced


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