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Elevate People Academy case study

The challenge

Elevate People, an established development consultancy rooted in positive psychology, has been collaborating with large public and private companies for over 15 years. Renowned for their high-level approach, the challenge was to extend their training to larger teams without compromising the quality and personalisation that they are known for.

As they ventured into eLearning, Elevate People faced the complex task of designing a solution that catered to diverse learning styles and experience levels within teams of all sizes. They needed an eLearning platform that was not only scalable; accessible across various devices and geographies but also capable of handling a significant number of users simultaneously.

Another critical aspect was retaining the integrity of the brand and the effectiveness of its content in a digital format. Elevate People was keen on an innovative approach that went beyond traditional eLearning methods. They envisioned a platform rich in interactive and engagement features that could replicate the dynamic and immersive experience of their in-person training.

Furthermore, there was a pressing need to establish metrics for measuring the effectiveness of online training. This was essential to ensure that the digital transition upheld their standards of excellence and continued to deliver measurable developmental impacts, akin to their established in-person methods.

“We chose 14OhFour to partner with us to develop an online learning platform after a competitive tender process, where it was evident from the start that they had the approach, the skills and the mindset to embark on this journey with us.”
Tracie Seebold
Founder, Elevate People

Our approach

We kicked off our partnership with Elevate People by diving into an in-depth discovery phase. Understanding their unique requirements and desired outcomes was paramount to the success of the project. This phase was all about delving into how Elevate People currently imparts their expertise through training and exploring how this could be effectively structured in an eLearning environment.

Collaboration was key. We worked hand-in-hand with Elevate People to develop a strategy that not only reflected their brand ethos but also resonated with their client base. Special attention was given to the user experience design, ensuring the platform was intuitive, engaging, and accessible to all users, regardless of their technological savvy.

Adapting and digitising Elevate People’s rich training content for online delivery was a significant part of our approach. We employed advanced technological solutions, selecting the most suitable Learning Management System (LMS) and integrating interactive tools to keep learners engaged and connected.

Throughout the development process, we established feedback loops, inviting input from the team and potential users. This iterative approach allowed us to make real-time adjustments, ensuring the platform met the actual needs of its users.

We also focused on scalability and accessibility, guaranteeing that the platform could handle an increasing volume of users and was accessible across various devices. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training and support to Elevate People’s team, empowering them to seamlessly transition to and manage the eLearning platform.

Pilot testing was an integral part of our strategy. By conducting a beta phase and gathering feedback, we were able to fine-tune the platform, making necessary adjustments before its full-scale launch.

“The feedback from the platform so far has been excellent, and will, thanks to 14OhFour, enable us to achieve our mission of making learning accessible to everyone, everywhere. If you’re thinking of working with 14OhFour, do it!"
Tracie Seebold
Founder, Elevate People

The results

The launch of the Elevate People Academy has been a resounding success, marked by several key features that have significantly enhanced the eLearning experience for both tutors and students:

Innovative course builder: This feature empowers non-technical staff at Elevate People to create engaging eLearning courses with ease. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface has democratised course creation, enabling subject matter experts to directly contribute to the curriculum without needing specialised technical skills. This has led to a richer, more diverse course offering that is continually evolving.

The platform’s robust membership management allows for the creation of specific cohorts and communities, fostering a more tailored and interactive learning environment. This feature has been instrumental in building a sense of community among students. Moreover, the flexibility to set different membership fees for each group has opened new avenues for customised learning experiences and revenue generation.

Each student has access to a personal dashboard, which has greatly enhanced the learning experience by allowing them to track their progress, access certificates, and communicate with their tutors. This personalised approach will improve student engagement and provide a clear structure for their learning journey, leading to higher completion rates and satisfaction.

The implementation of automated notifications for students and tutors has streamlined the communication process, ensuring timely updates on course progress and student achievements. This feature has been critical in helping students effectively manage their learning journey, while also enabling tutors to monitor and support student progress proactively.

A crucial component of the Elevate People Academy is its advanced analytics capability. This feature allows Elevate People to track and analyse the platform’s usage and success. It provides valuable insights into course popularity, completion rates, and student engagement levels. By leveraging this data, Elevate People can make informed decisions to continuously improve the content and structure of their courses, ensuring they are meeting the evolving needs of their learners. Furthermore, these analytics are instrumental in demonstrating the tangible ROI of the platform to stakeholders, validating the effectiveness and impact of the eLearning solution.

These features have collectively transformed the way Elevate People delivers training, making education more accessible, engaging, and efficient.

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