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The power of law firm apps: enhancing client relationships through a more personal service

Nathan Wilkins

Introduction to the power of law firm apps

In today’s digital age, the way law firms interact with their clients has evolved significantly. Mobile and web apps are not just tools for internal efficiency; they are crucial in forging stronger, more personal connections with clients and opening new avenues for marketing and business development.

Law firms are starting to recognise the benefits of having their own client-facing apps. These apps can revolutionise the way law firms operate, providing round-the-clock access to legal documentation, enhancing communication with clients, and ultimately improving the overall client relationship.

Ways to enhance the client relationship with law firm apps

Embracing the use of web and mobile apps for law firms is essential in bolstering client relationships. Clients expect law firms to operate like all of the other services they use in day-to-day life. That is, it is instantly accessible, always up-to-date, and personalised. Here are key reasons why embracing these technologies is essential for your law firm to improve client relationships:

1. Instant accessibility

Apps can provide clients with round-the-clock access to legal resources, updates on their matters, and direct communication channels, fostering a sense of continual support and engagement.

2. Personalised client experiences

Customised apps allow law firms to offer tailored content, updates, and legal insights based on individual client needs and interests, enhancing the perception of a personalised service.

3. Streamlined communication

With features like secure messaging, document sharing, and push notifications, law firm apps streamline the communication process, making it easier for clients to stay informed and engaged.

4. Enhanced brand presence

A dedicated web or mobile app enhances a law firm’s brand, showcasing a commitment to innovation and client-centric services. This can be a differentiator in competitive markets.

5. Data-driven insights for better service

Apps can provide valuable data on client behaviour and preferences, enabling law firms to refine their services and marketing strategies for better alignment with client expectations.

6. Marketing and business development opportunities

Through features like personalised news feeds, AI-powered directories, eLearning, webinar hosting, client onboarding, and direct notifications, apps serve as dynamic platforms for content marketing and client management.

7. Improved client retention and referrals 

By providing an easily accessible, efficient, and engaging experience, law firm apps can significantly improve client satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and referrals.

8. Cost-effective marketing

Compared to traditional marketing channels, law firm apps can be a more cost-effective way to reach and engage potential clients, especially when integrated with social media and other digital marketing strategies.

Top examples of law firm apps

Law firms have already started to develop a variety of apps tailored to their specific needs. Here are some popular app categories that law firms have embraced:

1. Event apps

Legal event apps are designed to support both in-person and virtual events. They provide features such as personalised agendas, key information (that can be updated instantly), floor plans, directories of speakers and attendees, chat and social features, and notifications. Legal event apps enhance engagement, networking, and communication, making them essential tools for law firms hosting conferences, seminars, and client events.

CASE STUDY: Developing a cross-device event app for the Fresh Perspectives Contentious Trusts conference

“The app was very well received by everybody in attendance. The introduction of an event app helped elevate the conference this year and we received some great feedback. 14OhFour delivered an excellent service throughout and were especially responsive and accommodating during the conference when we needed to make last minute changes quickly – it was a pleasure to work with them."
Emily Exton
Managing Partner, Forsters

2. Reference, news and learning apps

These apps focus on providing information, resources, and guides to clients and staff. They feature document libraries, decision trees, discussion forums, quizzes, notifications, and award certificates. Reference, news, and learning apps enhance client engagement and knowledge sharing for law firms.

3. Emergency management apps

Emergency management apps for clients (such as dawn raid apps, cyber-breach response apps, and reputation management) facilitate coordinated responses during emergencies and offer clients a crucial level of support when they need it most. They provide features like reporting emergencies, checklists, directories of experts, collaboration tools, and notifications. These apps help clients manage crisis situations, mitigate risks, and ensure efficient communication during challenging times.

4. Community apps

Community apps are an effective way to connect and engage specific groups of people, from internal practice areas to client teams. They offer secure and private communication channels, user profiles, discussion topics, posts, comments, notifications, and gamification features. These apps foster communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among lawyers, alumni, departments, teams, and client teams.

5. Client portal apps

Client portal apps provide a secure method for law firms to gather or distribute information and content to clients. They offer authentication, dashboards, document sharing, project management, and reporting features. These apps improve client experience, communication, collaboration, and scalability.

CASE STUDY: Changing the way a private client law firm services their clients

“Offering our clients the use of our new bespoke app immediately differentiates us from the competition. The team at 14OhFour understood our vision and put forward creative solutions to help us reach it."
David Stokes Humber Law
David Stokes
Managing Director, Humber Law

Features to include in a law firm app

When developing a law firm app, it is essential to start with a minimum viable product (MVP) to gather feedback and refine your app’s features. Here are some features to consider for your law firm app MVP:

1. Secure login

The security of confidential information is paramount, especially for law firms handling sensitive client data. Therefore, incorporating a secure login feature into your law firm app is not just an added benefit; it’s a necessity. This feature should employ robust authentication methods, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), to ensure that access to the app is strictly reserved for authorised users only. By implementing strong, encrypted login protocols, you can provide your clients with the peace of mind that their private information is protected against unauthorised access, reinforcing trust and reliability in your digital services.

2. Useful content

Provide valuable legal content, such as FAQs, articles, and guides, relevant to your practice areas. This resource library can educate clients and position your firm as an authority in your field.

3. Forms and questionnaires

Include forms and questionnaires for new client intake or gathering crucial client information, in an easily accessible way. These tools can streamline the data collection process, making it efficient for both clients and lawyers.

4. Feedback and survey tools

Embed tools to collect client feedback. Understanding client satisfaction and areas for improvement is crucial for refining your law firm app and services.

5. Notifications

Utilise push notifications to keep clients informed about changes in the law, upcoming appointments, or important deadlines. This feature ensures clients stay engaged and aware of critical updates.

Remember, the key to a successful law firm app is not just in the variety of features, but in their relevance and execution. Prioritise user experience and security in every feature you implement. As you gather feedback from the initial users, you can expand and refine the app’s functionalities to better serve your clients’ needs.


Law firm apps have already proven to be efficient and innovative ways of enhancing client relationships and improving overall efficiency. By embracing web and mobile app development, law firms can stay ahead of the curve and provide a more personalised service to their clients. Whether it’s legal event apps, reference and learning apps, or client portal apps, the possibilities are endless.

If you are a law firm looking to leverage the power of law firm apps, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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